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Tue, Jun. 27th, 2006, 06:29 am

I need to ramble and rant on some, noones on (what'm I doing on at 6:30, huh?) and my mouth feels like...


[/drama] Srslyithurts ;o; Like, throbby stitchesy achjy bleedy oozy hurts. I'm such a baby, I'm not used to pain, so this is really goddamn new to me. ;';

In other news, I have meds that'll make me feel better, make the hurt stop, and clot teh bl00d. Am I taking them?


'Cause they taste funny. Not medicine funny, though...my green tea tastes more mediciney than the actual perscriptions do. This is why I am not taking them. .'. And 'sides, the antibiotic one makes my tongue feel...fuzzy. Tongues are not supposed to feel...fuzzy. Unless they're growing mold. Or you just licked a cat. Or it got cut out, left in a trashcan, and some mangey flea-bitten mutt roled all over it.

Six am makes my brain think odd things, but I simply cannot go back to sleep. The whole morphine kick and whatever else it was they stuck in me (they wouldn't tell me what was going on after I whimpered and whined over the IV-but they out something up my nose, and they had a drill and and and...)

Too'fpain. Ok, I give up, gimme the meds. ;o; [/wuss]

Maybe I'll get lucky and like, my mouth won't rot. Mom's worried I'll get a yeast infection from this somehow. o'O;;; That...kinda creeps me out, but thanks to 'Teos's escapades, i know that yougurt is your fuckbuddy in such a time of need.

Not that I need a fuckbuddy or anything. Dude. Celibate. Noreallythatwallisnotcrumblingintheleast.

I wouldn't mind a kiss, though...yanno, once my mouth stops feeling like...



I should write a book. I'm sure more people would piss themselves laughing at me than would use it as firewood. But, alas, I am too lazy, and lack the wit to do such a thing. Mom wants me to go to college for writin' though. Way on the fence about that. The usual "I'm ok, but theres better people than I...so how can -I- go to college and expect something out of it?" emo stuff.It's goddamn true, don't tell me it ain't. >:| The odds of being sucessful with -books- and litterature these days is like...32 out of...uh...a bajatrill...ion...