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Sat, Mar. 4th, 2006, 11:34 pm
Melzie gave me the idea. (<3 4 hurr)


"This is the third time this week, Caleb!"
"I know, I know...!"
"Listen, I'm not your babysitter. You've got to remember this stuff! How do you expect to get regular otherwise?"

A man, nervously fidgiting. A woman, annoyedly shaking a bottle of white pills. It was just one of those moments that seems insignificant, or inj their case, common...but really meant something. It wasn't just the fifteenth time the man had forgotten his medication, it was the one time it had been -her- responsibility to remind him. It wasn't just him being forgetful, it was his thought's being preoccupied with something else. It was so seemingly common, but so important.

Anna shook the bottle again, steadily, until she was satisfied with the noise and dropped it on the table. She wasn't annoyed at him at all, she was mad that she had forgotten, and had thus not been helpful in the first place. She had moved in to his apartment, invaded his space, so she COULD be helpful. Internally, she figured she should just move back out, go back to her parents and continue work as an aid for the elderly. But, who could say she'd remember then? What if she forgot some old woman's heart medication, and-...just that one simple moment had spread the seed of doubt throughout her brain and nerves.

No matter what Caleb did, he couldn't meet her steady gaze. She had always been so steadfast like that, solid, never failing, while he was always fidgiting. She reminded him a lot of his mother. Of course, he didn't think his mother was nearly as beautiful as she was. Oh yes, she'd stolen his thoughts...to the point where he had forgotten all but her, and for just one moment, it was ok. This was the aftershock of it. He had told himself he'd remember to take the pill. He'd impress her, he'd finally show that he was capable, not just an invalid, but a -person- who didn't need to be watched, but to be loved-then again, why would she, if he couldn't remember such a simple thing as taking a pill? Worry had crossed into his mind, as well.

The sound of the pill bottle clicking against the table erased both paths of uneasiness in an instant. The click was so profound and reminding-

It had been a sunny day, barely a cloud in the sky. They had gotten into Anna's bright, red sportscar and driven to a grassy knoll by the coast. Caleb had remembered to bring the picnic basket, -and- the blanket, which had completely exceeded Anna's expectation. They had joked about having the spare set, 'just in case', and had went about their setup. Of course, like most picnics, those clouds turned fierce in a measley hour, and soon they were running back to the car, drenched, and without their meal. After shivering in the car, they had finally found a use for their spare picnic...and sat in the back seat, wrapped up in the extra blanket, eating the extra lunch.

"...that scar..."

It wasn't long before Anna noticed it, being in such close quarters. She put her sandwich down, in her lap, and gently brushed the hair away from the dark line across Caleb's temple. Internally, he felt like fainting, but managed to keep his cool...outwardly. "U-uh...yeah, thats...thats from...the incident." Eventually, Anna moved her hand into her lap. However, when she didn't retrieve her sandwich, Caleb put his own food down...he hadn't been able to eat after that, anyway. "So...thats where she hit you? God, Caleb...I'm suprised you're alive at all." He didn't know how to take that comment, so he said nothing. She didn't need him to say anything, and could pratically feel his uncomfortableness. Yet, this was a topic he needed to discuss. "Do you still remember it all?"

"Remember it? It's the only thing I -can- remember..."

"Can you...tell me about it? Please?" The way she looked at him then was so patient and steady, it made him fidgit. He knew she wouldn't move. She'd sit there, resting on her elbow, watching his every facial move until he said something. He didn't want to talk about it, of course, but he welcomed the need to.

"We...we were in the basement. Both of us, we weren't supposed to be there...the lady had always hated us, playing in her yard and stepping on her flowers...it was all on accident, of course. I was only nine. But, her...husband. Had recently passed away, because my brother...a car had been comming, her husband was driving, and my brother was in the road. He...crashed...into a tree to avoid him. And we were in her basement, we wanted to say he was sorry. It was a week later, he didn't mean to get him killed, none of us wanted that! The older kids...they said he...was in her basement. And...they tattled on us."

His voice was getting thick with emotion, and with slow movements, Anna reached out and pulled him close; she needed to help him, she realized it in that moment. It was a nessissity. "She...found us down there, poking around...asked us if we wanted to ruin her life more, said we'd done enough...she looked so scary that my brother...ran, but I was too scared. I just...froze...and she had that poker in her hand, and she...s-she just..."

The rain had turned to hail, and it's clicking...was so memorable. So memorable that the two had gone from their worry and doubt to that same entwined position on the couch, his throat just as thick as then, and her heart just as broken and needy as that time. It wasn't like the fourteen other times. This time, she didn't care, she had to say it, and she couldn't keep the feeling bottled up anymore.

"Caleb, I lo-"

The soft sound of his snoring cut her off, and all she could manage to do was hug him tighter.