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Tue, Feb. 21st, 2006, 10:56 pm
So begins me...third LJ?

Yee-haw. I'm here again. :3 And...at a loss for what to do. So, who do I turn to? Ashu~ <3

Gaanetto Kishi (11:00:40 PM): *trying to remember how to write in a diary*
PH4N745M460R14 (11:01:02 PM): ...talk to it? I dunno.

...I dub thee...Geraldo. >3 Hello, Geraldo. How are you, on the day of your birth?

Hey, I wonder if I can hook you up with a friend of mine's LJ, real hawt stuff there. >:D Ya know the type I mean, yeaaaah boiiie~! [/innercitykid]

Anyway. This, I assume, will end up being a me-post-crap-I-write-slash-rambles-I-write-then-later-regret-'cause-rambles-never-make-sense-and...man, I've wanted to read Godeaters for MONTHS now, and I can't frikken find the URL. Gonna go kick Ky for it. <3

Seriously, Geraldo, ya packin' on a few pounds there. Ya can't be goin' on "the hunt" with extra baggage, d00d! Can't catch crap with a flabby deck, iffyaknowwhatImean. :/ Don't worry, I hook ya up with a membership card from...somewhere. Some new fancy Poulatti or Pastrami or something opened up down the road...I'll treat ya, kay? Ya deserve it, man, ya always had my back.

Where the hell was I going with this?

Anyway. I got me St.Rose stuff fun overnight stay of AWESOME tomorrow. Fuckin' nervous as a nun takin' a pregnancy test. Jitters'n'everything, god. It's only an overnight. At a college. With complete strangers. Where they gonna -make- me shower. And, like, socialize. And sleep in a SLEEPING BAG. Gah. It sounds like girlscouts all over again, bad memories dude...

Bah, I'll get over it. It's just a bunch of college girls who want to TAKE IT ALL OFF 19.15 IS ALL IT COSTS TO GET HOT, YOUNG GIRLS PUTTING IT ALL ON THE LINE FOR A SHOT-

...thank GOD it's a catholic college.

P.S.- http://chartreuse.studiowhippingboy.com//g_e_index.html


Wed, Feb. 22nd, 2006 04:25 am (UTC)


You don't forget that, man. You're the teacher, you're the person who got it all started in the first place. ...you are not excused for forgetting the link. =P And here it is, posted forever to be a helpful guide to you. :D Just in case you don't favorite it.

Someday we'll be that good.

Wed, Feb. 22nd, 2006 04:28 am (UTC)
lawlatall: Durr

Usedta be, mann!~ Las' year, I read that in study hall. And, like, math class. What a rebel I am! :O